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Microsoft Goes Big At E3, New Xbox, Gold & Game Pass Service + xCloud Service To Take On Google

Microsoft has used the big E3 gaming event in the US to announce that they are set to launch an Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass games in a single package sold on a monthly subscription also talked about was the long-rumoured successor to the Xbox One.

Users will pay approximately $19.95 per month but if you were at E3 you could have got the deal for just $1.75, the new services comes as Google gets set to roll out their Strada online cloud gaming platform.

Called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with PC and Xbox games, users will have access to three Xbox streaming services for Xbox console titles, PC games and multiplayer games.

Microsoft used their presence at E3 which Sony did not attend make a number of big announcements, including detailing its next Xbox, called Project Scarlett, as well as providing release dates and trailers for games such as Halo Infinite and Gears 5.

American actor Keanu Reeves also made a surprise guest appearance to announce new game Cyberpunk 2077 coming April 16, 2020, in which he will feature.

Also announced was a new Elite controller, a surprise Blair Witch game.

Microsoft also officially revealed Project Scarlet, the long-rumoured successor to the Xbox One.

The device will support 8K gaming, framerates of 120fps in games, and ray-tracing, and it’s going to launch in mid 2020 in Australia which will be a major boost for retailers.

Microsoft also announced a new streaming mode coming October 2019 to Xbox consoles which can “turn your Xbox One into your own personal and free xCloud server,” according to Xbox head Phil Spencer.

It will enable gamers to play any Xbox game from a smartphone or tablet.

Not a complete cloud gaming service like its upcoming xCloud is designed to be, but more similar to Google Stadia.

Microsft has announced public trials of its upcoming cloud service will also launch in October, ahead of Google’s Stadia launch.

The cloud service, dubbed Project xCloud, will allow gamers to stream any Xbox One game to a mobile device.

The Company did not specify which games would be included, although 60 games will come to its Xbox One system and Windows PCs.

Whereas Stadia will include about 30 games accessible on PCs, laptops, TVs, and Pixel 3 smartphones.

Both services plan to add more games down the line.

Pricing and logistical details for Project xCloud has not been released, but you can expect it to be competitive with Stadia and more likely to reach Australia.

xCloud in action.

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