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Microsoft Dual-Screen Tablet Tipped To Play Android Apps

Microsoft’s hotly anticipated dual-screen Surface tablet is tipped to launch as early as mid-2020, with latest rumours suggesting it could run both Android apps and Apple’s iCloud.

The news follows reports Microsoft unveiled a prototype to staff earlier this year, boasting a foldable dual screen.

According to Forbes, IHS Markit’s Jeff Lin claims the foldable Surface tablet will boast a 9-inch display screen with 4:3 aspect ration.

Referencing supply chain info, Mr Lin affirms the new Microsoft tablet will launch in the first half of next year.

The tablet is tipped to run Windows Core OS – the new Winows 10 with dual display UI – and incorporate an Intel 10nm Lakefield chip.

The device is also expected to boast always-on connectivity, with 5G and/or LTE support.

Latest reports suggest the device will also run Android apps natively, and support iCloud support in Windows 10.

It remains unclear whether Google Play will come pre-installed.

The news comes as foldable devices continue to gain momentum worldwide, with rumoured devices in development from the likes of Lenovo, Apple, Huawei – plus Samsung’s perennially delayed Galaxy Fold.

The rumoured dual-screen Surface was initially tipped to be a smaller version of Intel’s ‘Twin Rivers’ concept, showcased at Computex 2018.

Last month, ASUS unveiled its new dual-screen ZenBook Pro Duo laptop, featuring two 4K touchscreens.

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