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Microsoft Director Left Like A Shag On A Rock By Employer

Under siege from female warriors, Australia Tech Minister Christian Porter who despite no evidence, has been accused of rape appears to have been supported by US software giant Microsoft, who have disassociated themselves from comments by their Start Up Director Emily Rich.

Earlier this week Rich claimed to the Australian Financial Review “The appointment of a minister aligned to such allegations is really challenging for me to understand”. She also supposed that Porter being Technology Minister will deter her peers from engaging with the Morrison government, “and it should”.

Microsoft Australia CEO Stephen Worrell

Microsoft MD Steven Worrall responded quickly after our story appeared with a statement claiming Emily Rich’s comments to the Australian Financial Review newspaper were “the individual’s own personal views”, and “not the views of Microsoft Australia”.

He claims the tech giant who is also a favourite of the US Federal Government, will continue to work with the Australian government and its minister.

Worrall went on to claim, “We feel it is important to set the record straight on this matter, given ongoing speculation to the contrary.” Speculation driven, we suppose, because it is unusual (or very brave) for executives to opine on the appropriateness of dealing with their employer’s own clients without that in some way reflecting their employer’s position on the matter.

The question now is whether Rich will quite Microsoft after a blatant in the face by her employer.

The Microsoft CEO’s statement continued: “We have and will continue to work closely with governments of all political persuasions across Australia – and with the ministers appointed by their respective leaders – while advocating for the interests of Microsoft and the Australian technology industry. This includes in areas such as gender diversity, which is a very real and pressing issue for our industry.”

Former Attorney-General and now Technology Minister Christian Porter launched defamation action against the ABC and journalist Louise Milligan over the allegations of rape.

The proceedings relate to an article that reported a letter had been sent to Prime Minister Scott Morrison containing a historical allegation of rape against a serving Cabinet minister.

Mr Porter has denied the allegation and his lawyers said the article made false allegations against him.

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