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Meta Competes With Apple & Rolls Out Meta Quest 3

Meta are pushing forward in the competition with Apple, and have introduced the Meta Quest 3, the first mainstream headset for mixed reality, with double the graphic processing power of its predecessor. It’s also the first device featuring the new Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 platform, developed in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies.

Completely standalone, this device requires no PC, no console, and no battery packs, understands physical space, as well as limits the expansion of physical space. Users can immerse themselves in an expansive content library, with over 100 new, upgraded titles coming this year, many incorporating mixed reality.

Backwards compatible, on day one a library of over 500 VR and MR experiences will be available. Xbox Cloud Gaming will arrive in December, bringing along ‘Halo Infinite,’ ‘Minecraft Legends,’ ‘Forza Horizon 5,’ and other high-quality Xbox games for a 2D screen.

Retail starts at $799.99 AUD, with shipping beginning on October 10th, however preorders are already open.

It’s high stakes currently for Meta, as Apple is set to release its Vision Pro headset soon, resulting in a competitive showdown between the two. Additionally, Meta has struggled with selling consumers on the metaverse, having embraced the concept in 2021. Headset sales and usage stagnated, and the company shifted focus towards AI and other technologies. They are now touting their headsets as gaming and productivity tools.

Users of the Quest 3 will be able to transition between VR and mixed reality just through a double tap on the side of the device. It features 30% higher resolution, new lenses, and a faster Qualcomm chipset, along with dual-colour pass-through cameras.

The double processing power allows for improved graphics rendering, smoother operation, and faster app loading speeds. It’s also thinner than its predecessor, and has added improved speakers and new controllers.

It looks similar to the Quest 2, but has three sensors on the front. The left and right modules are cameras, and the center sensor is a new component for determining where objects and walls are located, allowing the device to automatically place virtual guardrails.

It can also be used for gaming, as Meta have partnered with Microsoft to let the device stream Xbox Cloud Gaming Service games.


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