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Meghan Markle Cartoon Axed By Netflix

In response to their rapidly declining subscriber count, streaming giant Netflix is cutting costs and content, the latest victim being the planned Meghan Markle children’s cartoon.

Several other shows, including Space Force starring Steve Carrel, have been cancelled in an attempt for Netflix to slow their financial downfall.

Since January, Netflix have lost almost half its value, which it credits to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, rising inflation, and fierce competition. The company has recently also cracked down on account sharing and plans to introduce ads to the platform.

The Meghan Markle cartoon that was cancelled was being created via Markle and Price Harry’s ‘Archewell Productions’, with executive producer and husband of Elton John David Furnish.

Netflix stock has plummeted over the last 6 months, peaking at $691.91 USD in mid-November last year, and is currently sitting at $190.36 USD.

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