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Mech Keyboard For Macbook, Surface Pro

NuPhy has unveiled a mechanical keyboard designed to explicitly match the look and feel of either the MacBook series from Apple or the recently refreshed Surface laptop lineup from Microsoft, while also improving the typing experience for laptop and tablet users.

Set to appear on crowdfunding websites on 11 November, the NuType F1 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard will cost US$149 with early adopters to receive 40% of the backing price.

NuPhy promises ‘a new typing experience’ in the NuType mechanical keyboard, designed to be much smaller and compatible with smaller devices like smartphones and tablets, in addition to its Surface/ MacBook design.

Aimed at providing a more comfortable keyboard for laptop users, the NuType mechanical keyboard sports the Kaihua Choc low profile mechanical switches, which are 42% smaller than typical switches.

Small slots at the bottom of the keyboard slot into the MacBook or Surface laptop for a stable connection with your device of choice.

The keyboard leaves plenty of room for the trackpad and function key row (Touch Bar on MacBooks), without getting in the way.

NuPhy includes a SmartCase for the NuType F1 keyboard, which doubles as a stand for mobile devices for typing anywhere.

The keyboard can be used in wired mode or via Bluetooth to connect up to three different devices, which can be swapped between during use.

For those that love and need it, the NuType supports full RGB backlighting, with over 20 lighting effects.

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