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Foxtel Get Into The Glue Business Ahead Of Disney + Launch

Foxtel has got into the glue business ahead of an emerging battle to hold onto subscribers with a brand new Foxtel First initiative designed to get customers to stick with with the big content Company.

With Disney set to launch a new streaming service and as Netflix, crank up their offerings ahead of the Disney+ launch in mid-November, Foxtel who have some of the most loyal and in some cases customers who have been subscribing to Foxtel for more than two decades have launched Foxtel First a brand new loyalty program that rewards for loyalty not for how much you have spent.

Customers will be ranked by how long they have been a Foxtel customer, 0-3 years will get you Bronze, 3-8 years qualifies one for Silver 8-15 qualifies one as Gold and those who have held a Foxtel account for 15+ years will be Diamond customers.

But there is a hitch, if you are a Foxtel customer via Telstra you don’t qualify so it maybe a good idea to get your Foxtel subscription switched over direct and maybe if you can qualify the amount of years that you have been a continuous Telstra customer it could be worth making a pitch for Gold recognition.
Customers participating can download a brand new app to manage their progress.

Upon signing a participant will get a welcome gift in the form of a store movie will be waiting for customers.

Depending on your level you will also qualify for cinema screenings and tickets to major events as well as access to meet and greet with Australian sports teams spanning NRL, Cricket and various other sports.
“the longer you’re with us, the better it gets.” Claims Foxtel executives.

Patrick Delany the CEO of Foxtel said that Foxtel is currently in talks with Telstra with a view to looking at how he can reward Foxtel, Telstra customers who already have access to what he describes as an “excellent loyalty program”.

Delany said the scheme had been developed to respond to the demands of Foxtel customers who want to be rewarded for their loyalty to the company.

“Foxtel First is another step in our strategy to provide our customers with the best in TV and on demand all in one place, at the best value.

“The launch of Foxtel First is about recognising our customers’ loyalty based on how long they have been with us. It delivers customers more value through experiences and benefits which only get better the longer they have been with us.

“We have sourced great rewards for our customers through our network of partners across sports, cinema, music and TV. We’ve also lined up our best technology and priority service for our most loyal customers to make sure they are experiencing the best of Foxtel.

“The great thing about Foxtel First is it’s free to join and this is only the beginning. Foxtel First will continue to grow with more benefits and more rewards to be added in the coming months,” said Delany.

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