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March Gaming Boom Largest In Nearly Decade

The COVID19 pandemic has prompt a boom in video game sales, notching its largest explosion for the month of March in nearly a decade.

According to numbers from the US NPD Group, video game hardware, software, accessories and game cards notched US$1.6 billion for the month of March 2020 – its highest reported total for the month since 2008.

Data from GSD which – analyses market data from major gaming companies across several countries including Australia – reveals 4.3 million games were sold during March 16 to March 22, up 44% versus the previous week.

Analysed by Gamesindustry.biz, physical game sales in Australia soared a whopping 278.5% during the week, prompted by ‘Doom’ and the new ‘Animal Crossing.’ The figure drops to a notable 86.7% without the titles.

During March 9 – 15, Australian gaming machine sales jumped 19.6% before propelling a whopping 285.6% the week after. 

Market commentators claim the gaming console hardware market has truly bounced back in recent weeks, after former months of notable decline.

Recent numbers reveal house-bound conditions have prompted a surge in new gaming console owners and recreational gamers.

According to the US NPD, Nintendo Switch sales more than doubled in March versus the previous year, partly propelled by the release of its new ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizon.’ 

As previously reported, Nintendo has been plagued with supply chain issues and strong consumer demand for its best-selling Switch console, however, is on track to lift production this year. 

Australian retailers list no or limited stock for the Switch, as private sellers offer the console at a significant markup.

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