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Manfrotto Tripod Maker Teaming Up With Sony

Vitec Photographic who make the popular Manfrotto photographic tripod that’s popular at JB Hi Fi, is teaming up with Sony.

The collaboration will see a new line of products developed for Sony’s alpha series (α) of interchangeable lens cameras, with a 2018 launch date.

Upcoming products will include a special version of Manfrotto’s Befree tripod, and a full range of “tripods, plates, photo and video heads” will be unveiled at PhotoPlus in New York on October 26. These products will be targeted towards photo and video professionals, and a customized version of Manfrotto’s “Digital Director” imaging software will be shown throughout 2018 to “complement the new range of products.”

Marco Pezzana, CEO of Vitec’s Photographic Division, stated “We are proud to announce the agreement with Sony” and explained that “This collaboration sees our brands Manfrotto and Gitzo… working side by side with the prestigious Sony brand… with the primary intent of collaborating to the development of even more innovative products for professional content creators.”

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