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Major Problems For New Xbox, Belching Smoke, Dodgy Blu ray Playback

Major problems have emerged for Microsoft’s brand new Xbox Series X not only are these reports of the new high speed console belching black smoke a leading TV reviewer has claimed that the device also has a problem when it comes to playing Blu ray content on certain TV’s.

The News Corp owned New York Post claim the new console should have been called Tinderbox after Twitter users revealed a major smoking problem.

The $749 device looks more like a chimney than a video game console with video’s posted to Twitter showing the new gaming console emitting grey smoke out of its large cooling vent.

“I’ve only had this for a few hours, and it started smoking!” one user posted on Twitter. “So, pissed off! I had to hurry and unplug.”


Microsoft told Eurogamer it is investigating the complaints; however, other Twitter users have responded pointing out that the smoke is similar to e-cigarette vapour, with one Xbox news outlet demonstrating how the effect can be recreated with a vape pen.

Smoking consoles aren’t the only problems reportedly affecting the first batch of Xboxes, with other customers griping that their Xbox is making strange sounds or not accepting disks.

Another major problem is that the console which Microsoft claims is a full-on home entertainment system, capable of handling movies from both discs and streams as it is playing games is struggling when connected to certain display screens.

John Archer a leading TV reviewer and writer for SmartHouse claims that on an LG OLED48CX, very dark scenes look grey where they should look black.

He claims that images flicker and pulse repeatedly during content sequence as the OLED TV struggles to settle on the correct gamma level for different shots.

He claims that having extensively compared the Xbox Series X’s 4K BD performance, there’s no doubt that the problems are much more common and noticeable when using the Xbox Series X that with previous Xbox models.

He said that the Series X elevated black levels also impact a Sony 75X90H/75XH9005, So much so that they caused some subtle dark details to go missing from the picture.

Archer claims, it’s important to stress at this point that the Series X 4K Blu-ray raised black issues are not as severe as those the Xbox One X suffered with at launch.

There the problem was starkly apparent with any good quality TV; the extent to which black levels were raised was greater; and colours looked washed out as well.

Arch also claims that the Netflix app on the PS4, Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles is a bit weird.

He claims that these consoles insist on playing everything with a high dynamic range (HDR) ‘flag’ on it – even if a particular show isn’t actually available in HDR.

In other words, unlike other console-based video streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video, the Netflix console app doesn’t switch between HDR and SDR output depending on content.

“Having now had the chance to play with an Xbox Series X, I’m disappointed to report that this weird Netflix issue still remains” he wrote.

Microsoft Australia PR has not commented on the issues.

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