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PC Market Gone ‘Soft’, Analysts Warn

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PC monitor demand falling but LED a shining light, say analysts.

The “soft” quarter for Q3 was due to subdued consumer sentiment and uncertainties over the financial crisis, analysts IDC warned today.

Overall PC monitor market recorded 578,000 unit shipments  – meaning a 22% drop compared to the previous quarter.

Dell came out top dog with 26%, followed by Acer (17%) and Samsung 13%. HP trailed at fifth place.

However, this is in line with seasonal trends, Q3 is traditionally the slowest quarter of the year, says IDC Associate Market Analyst, Ivy Teoh.

However, ongoing price competition and tightening profit margins are pushing vendors to “refocus from market share to profitability “

Vendors have been also moving away from 18.5″ size monitors which have had at least a 50% drop compared to the same period last year, Teoh added.

However, LED backlight monitors recorded massive growth – accounting for 63% of the computer monitors shipped.
“A strong refresh to LED backlight PC monitors and a supply-side push by vendors will continue to drive the demand in this technology.”

“LED backlight momentum in the ANZ PC monitors market will remain strong while the price remains competitive,” IDC predicts.

ANZ PC Monitor Shipments by Vendor, Q3 2011   

1    Dell    26%  
2    Acer    17%   
3    Samsung    13%    

4    LG    10%    

5    HP    9%    

     Others    25%