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New Bosch Ceiling Mounted Loudspeaker

Omni-directional public address loudspeakers offer many advantages, such as broad coverage and little installation effort. A drawback of current designs, however, is inconsistent sound reproduction over the coverage area, with flat spots in the high-frequency response. Bosch has addressed this drawback in its new hemi-directional PA loudspeaker with an innovative acoustic design. Using 14 specially positioned speaker drivers combined with advanced filtering, the design eliminates flat spots in the frequency response.

The result is consistent, high-quality sound reproduction over the whole coverage area. The advanced design also results in a broad frequency response over the audio range from around 60 Hz to over 17 kHz, resulting in extremely high-quality music reproduction.

The loudspeaker’s flat plastic housing with metal front grille is finished in white and silver and combines modern, highly elegant styling with ruggedness and a high degree of fire resistance. The new unit is pre-wired for easy installation and has built-in protection, including ceramic terminal blocks and high-temperature-resistant wiring to ensure the integrity of the EVAC system in the event of fire. The internal electrical connection box provides loop-through facility and provision for mounting an optional line supervision board for line-integrity monitoring or a speaker supervision board for monitoring correct loudspeaker operation.

The unit can be suspended from a steel wire or chain. Optional mounting brackets are also available to enable suspension by a metal tube to avoid movement such as swaying or rotation caused, for example, by air currents.

For more information, visit www.bosch.com