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Clipsal Addressing Automation Issues With Electricians

.”Yes there are problems with some electricians who are taking on work they are not qualified to do and we are addressing these issues” said Simon Wehr Marketing Manager at Clipsal and CEDIA board member.

One of the ways in which Clipsal has addressed this issue is to create a unique club of qualified installers that are marketed under the Clipsal C Bus Point One brand. Consisting of around 80 qualified members, Clipsal claim that C Bus Point One organisations are not only qualified but certified by Clipsal to do a complete install. He has also said that these installers are witnessing growth over 50%.

“It is vital that only qualified installers do a total job spanning audio, lighting and IP technology. What we are doing is urging electricians who know C Bus to concentrate on small jobs where the primary install is around the C Bus system.  These are the Kellyville type homes where there is some electrical control and occasional low level audio distribution. We do not want these electricians taking on jobs that they are not qualified to do. We know it is happening however we are investing a lot into training and education to help trades including both the C Bus electricians and the specialist C Bus Point One installers”.

He added “In the time that we have been working with the C Bus Point One installers we have witnessed a significant increase in their businesses. This is encouraging and we are now working with these guys to help them get into the PRO AV market in particular clubs and pubs and the entertainment market”.

While Wehr was reluctant to put a number on the growth experienced by this new Clipsal channel he did indicate that it was over 50%.
“C Bus Point One is all about creating a brand that consumers can trust and we are working hard and with CEDIA to educate and train these installers. We urge consumers wanting high level automation to invest in a C Bus Point One installer” said Wehr.
He added “We are also educating electricians to stay within their capability and this means staying with $20,000 C Bus only jobs. Anything over this and in particular in the over $200,000 + install market we urge people to go with C Bus Point One. From the growth that these installers are getting it is clear that our message is getting out there” he added.
“We are also working with professional project managers, architects and interior designers so that they know that by using a C us Point One installer the job will be done properly”.