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Touch Screens Take Off

Touch Screens Take Off

Touch screens for notebooks, home automation  and commercial  applications is booming with analysts predicting that the launch of Windows 7 by Microsoft and new software from Apple that allows for easier touch screen management will grow the demand for touchscreen technology even further.

According to DigiTimes and despite a gloomy display industry outlook, Taiwan’s touch panel makers have reported strong results for October chiefly driven by shipments of high-end handset applications, according to company and industry sources.

Both Young Fast Optoelectronics and J Touch have announced record revenues for October.

Sources with J Touch said its high-end frameless Touch Len line accounted for more than 70% of its sales in October, while the sales proportion of conventional resistive type panels dropped to 10%.

 The strong touch panel segment, driven by shipments to Apple’s iPhone, compensated for weak LCD panel sales said Display Search.