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Logitech G Adds HERO 16K Sensor to New Gaming Mice

Logitech G is expanding its range of PC gaming essentials with the addition of its flagship HERO 16K sensor to the G903 Lightspeed, G703 Lightspeed and G403 gaming mice.

Announced at E3, the high-precision 16,000DPI HERO sensor can be found in many of Logitech G’s high-end gaming mice including the G502 and its wireless counterpart.

The updated wireless G903 Lightspeed boasts 140 hours of battery life — compared to its predecessor’s 32 hours — and can be charged wirelessly via Logitech G’s Powerplay Wireless Charging system.

It also features 16.8m LightSync RGB and like the G502, a plethora of programmable buttons.

The more diminutive G703 Lightspeed has shed some weight from its predecessor now 95g as opposed to 107g, that couple with the new best-in-class sensor and wireless may aid in increasing accuracy during gameplay.

The G403 is the only updated wired mouse to receive the HERO 16K but appears to not be available on the AU site currently.

All three gaming mice are expected to launch in Q3 2019 priced at US$69.99 for the G403, A$169.95 for the G703 and A$249.95 for the G903.

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