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Making their glorious return to the consumer electronics market is German TV and Hi-Fi electronics Loewe who is looking to present a brand new portfolio of products at the largest European electronics show.

Following a December acquisition by investment company Skytec, Loewe will be presenting the brand under new management as it works hard to restore logistics with the possibility of offering products by April.

Skytec was quick to contact suppliers and industrial suppliers said CEO Vladislav Khabliev, receiving ‘extremely positive feedback and comprehensive support for [Loewe’s] plans’.

‘Skytec has immense experience in repositioning already powerful brands such as Blaupunkt and SHARP.’

Loewe is planning to reopen headquarters in Kronach, Germany with a confirmed workforce of 24 new employees.

Until operations are up and running however, CEO Aslan Khabliev said Loewe ‘will continue to maintain most of the previously known portfolio in the TV segment and in other areas’.

‘Our goal is to reposition LOEWE as an international premium brand for sophisticated consumer electronics. Until then, we can now guarantee continuity with the proven high product quality to the trade and also to our end customers and fans of the brand.’

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