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Live Streaming During Lockdown: Dolby On App Launched For Android

Dolby has just made its popular Dolby On app available for Android. The Dolby On app for iOS was released last September.

Usage on the Android app is expected to be high, given the COVID-19 lockdown, with more people stuck at home and looking for ways to connect virtually.

Dolby On, which is free, is an audio and video recording and editing tool. As you would expect from Dolby, it has advanced audio processing and a cutting-edge sound editor for voice, music and video.

In the age of live streaming performance, Dolby On offers convenient livestreaming to Twitch, Facebook Live, Instagram, TikTok and Soundcloud, making it easy to apply a suite of automatic studio effects such as noise reduction, limiting, spatial audio and EQ.

If you’re looking for a more private, music jamming facilitator, you can also send ideas, demos, and rehearsal and show recording directly to band members or collaborators via text message or email.

For those that have a better camera and sound recorder than their phone, users can also import media from external sources into the app, and use the Dolby On features to edit their material.

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