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Linksys Motion-Sensing WiFi Routers Get Healthy & Safe

Linksys has announced new motion-sensing Wellness Pods that track breathing and sleeping.

Linksys Aware, a new subscription service that uses WiFi signals to turn routers into basic motions detectors, has entered the health and wellbeing sector with the Wellness Pods that are sensitive enough to track breathing and sleep patterns.

The Wellness Pods are being created in conjunction with AI developers at Origin Wireless, that enable the basic motion detectors to poll the network signal 1,500 times per second.

This is a significant step up from the 30 polls per second from the basic Linksys Aware edition.

The increased level of sensitivity allows the Linksys Aware to finely tune its motion tracking.

In addition to the sleep and breath tracking features, Linksys Aware has collaborated wirth Amazon Alexa, enabling voice control and can also detect between slips and falls – meaning an emergency contact can be called if an accident happens.

Linksys is also expanding its Linksys Aware service by incorporating WiFi touchpoints, instead of relying on Linksys Velop routers. This means that Aware will soon be able to use existing network hardware and communication signals.

The increased accuracy will allow Aware to pinpoint movement in the home instead of just general motion sensing.

Linksys has said its tracking data will be processed locally and not uploaded to the cloud.

All products from Linksys is available to purchase from Amazon.

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