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LIFX Launches New Version Of Recalled Smart Switch

LIFX has launched its Smart Switch 2-Button Glass, a new glass version of the 4-button Smart Switch that was recalled late last year due to safety issues.

According to the company’s ASX filing, the LIFX Smart Switch 2-Button Glass is a smart switch “designed to seamlessly control both LIFX smart lights and non-smart lights on traditionally switched circuits.”

A software update is due this month, that will allow users to customise the button brightness, backlight colour and haptic feedback, as well as adding multi-way switching.

Hopefully the embattled company will have more luck with this model, after a product recall was issued for the four button version of the LIFX Switch that was sold at JB Hi-Fi (with model numbers LFSWWHT4FAU and LFSWBLKT4FAU – pictured above).

The switches risked short-circuiting if the screws were installed into metal frame brackets, which could cause serious injury or death.

The updated model will retail for $109.95.




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