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LG’s Four New Eco-Friendly Clothes Dryer Models With Smart Technology

LG Australia has added four new clothes dryers to its Heat Pump Dryer range, all of which have a 9-star energy rating (out of 10 stars), meaning that they use a fraction of the energy of traditional dryer models.

The Heat Pump Dryer range includes two 8kg models – the Series 4 DVH5-08W ($1,199) and the Series 5 DVH4-08W ($1,699) – and two 9kg models – the black Series 9 DVH9-09B ($1,899) and the white Series 9 DVH9-09W ($1,799).

The Heat Pump Dryers are equipped with intelligent sensor technology that helps to reduce the over-drying of garments by monitoring heat, moisture and air temperature and adjusting the temperature and drying time based on the selected programme. This technology keeps fabric integrity intact as much as possible.

These dryers also have smart connect home technology, meaning they have Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to remotely control their dryers via the LG ThinkQ app. From the app, you can track energy consumption, diagnose and troubleshoot issues, download additional drying cycles, and control functionality.

This updated range of dryers are built to be low noise and low vibration, as a result of LG’s own inverter compressor technology. The entire range features an Auto Cleaning Condenser, which performs a self-cleaning process during operation.

If you’re looking for a whole new set of laundry appliances, the additional LG stacking kit accessory allows Heat Pump Dryers to be stacked with a 550mm- or 600mm-depth LG Front Load Washing Machine. Series 5 and Series 9 dryers in the Heat Pump Dryer range can be matched with corresponding LG washing machines.

“LG understands the pressures of rising electricity bills and this can be particularly evident in the winter months. We are driven to develop innovative solutions that help lighten the burden,” said Brad Reed, Senior Marketing Manager, Home Appliances, LG Electronics Australia.

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