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LG To Make Sliding Doors with Transparent OLED Displays

LG has partnered with a Swedish company to develop futuristic automatic sliding doors with transparent OLED displays.

The doors, made in partnership with Assa Abloy Entrance Systems, will be aimed at the business sector and the Korean-based tech giant says the display will allow companies to communicate with employees, greet customers or show advertisements.

LG has been dappling in transparent displays for some time now and even revealed a suite of transparent signage in 2019.

The company’s panels are so good they are also used in both Panasonic and Xiaomi OLED TVs, according to OLED-Info.

South Korean rival Samsung has also looked into transparent OLED displays however The Korea Herald reports the company ceased production in 2016.

LG did not reveal when the transparent doors may be available to consumers and the original press release for the product has since disappeared off the LG site.

LG said in the original release:

LG’s Transparent OLED technology is also expandable and can be easily customized for a variety of doors and entranceways. Its transparency means objects behind the display can be easily seen, enabling the solution to harmonize with its surroundings while providing useful information at the same time. With a robust design featuring tempered glass, the product offers excellent durability and improved safety when combined with Assa Abloy Entrance Systems’ automatic sliding doors.

More to come.

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