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LG To Launch Washer-Dryer Combo At IFA 2020

LG Electronics has announced it will debut a new washer-dryer combo unit, ‘WashTower’, at IFA 2020, with the appliance rolling out worldwide this year.

The Korean tech giant will unveil the product via IFA 2020’s virtual facilities, given the in-person event’s cancellation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The LG WashTower is designed as a “one-body” solution, with the integrated unit advising how long washing and drying will take at the beginning of the cycle via in-built smarts.

Information is shared with the dryer, which automatically optimises settings and pre-heats the drum for shorter overall laundry times.

The LG WashTower encompasses one single, intuitive interface, with settings available in one location.

The height of the unit is designed to be lower comparative units, to make unloading the top-mounted dryer easier.

The WashTower offers a maximum load of 17kg for the washer and 16kg for the dryer.

“Through groundbreaking products like TWINWash, and now the WashTower, LG continues to demonstrate its commitment to enhancing user convenience and space efficiency in the home,” states Dan Song, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution.

This complete solution is the result of our continuous efforts to streamline household chores to give consumers more freedom for a better life.”

LG is slated to present a virtual exhibition throughout the month of September as part of IFA 2020, highlighting new innovations including new augmented reality options for the modern smart home.

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