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LG To Drop Modular Handsets

Reports out of Korea’s Electronics Times say the tech giant LG will be dropping the modular design introduced with the G5.

The company’s next flagship device will revert to a more-traditional design.

They say the “G6 is expected to have an integral structure just like previous LG Smartphones and other products….Corresponding products such as boards and audio chips are currently being prepared accordingly.”

“It is basically withdrawing its strategy of modularization that was first introduced to G5 in just a year,” said the report.

The report cited sources who claimed the inconveniences presented by the modules to both customers and resellers proved fatal for the G5’s sales.

In summary: customers didn’t like the added complexity, which in turn presented production issues.

According to the report, “Sales of G5 were low as there was a problem regarding production yield due to more complicated structure. Even LG Electronics admitted that G5 was not a success and it led to huge change in executives who were responsible for development of G5.”

It’s the second major tech company to shutter their modular smartphone efforts in recent days, with Google’s own Project Ara being discontinued back in September.

Meanwhile, Motorola is still going strong with their Moto Z, with the company showing off a slew of new attachments for the handset at this year’s IFA Conference in Berlin.

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