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Dumped By Telstra Huawei Moves To Mimic Samsung And Apple With New Mate 9

Dumped by Telstra, Chinese Company Huawei, who is desperate to become a serious smartphone player, is set to launch a new Mate 9 and a Mate 9 Pro, complete with the same curves as the Samsung Galaxy 7.

The device is tipped to be launched on November 3 according to sources in Hong Kong where I am at the moment.

Described as the ‘Long Island’ curved-screen version of the upcoming Mate 9 the device appears to also be imitating the new iPhone 7 with the elimination a headphone jack on top, leading some to speculate that the device will use USB Type-C or wireless headphones.New 9

Under pressure from fellow Chinese brands Alcatel and Oppo, Huawei was recently forced to close down several Company kiosks in Westfield Shopping Centres across Australia with former staff accusing the Chinese Company of deliberately hiring a new Payroll Company who changed their termination periods from four weeks to two, weeks out from the shutdown of the Huawei retail network.

A rendered image shows both models will come with a USB Type-C port on the bottom, as well as the Leica-branded dual-camera setup on the rear of the devices.

Elsewhere, the curved-edge Mate 9 appears to have two speaker grilles, as opposed to the one on the standard model – though there could just be one speaker, with one of the grilles simply being there for aesthetics.

Both the new models are expected to arrive with similar specs when it comes to internal hardware, along with Android 7.0 Nougat.

We’ll have more when the phone officially launches on November 3.

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