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LG Presents: The Styler Steam Clothing Care System

LG Electronics has unveiled a new smart wardrobe, the STYLER Steam Clothing Care System, which is set to take on Samsung’s smart wardrobe, the AirDresser.

The LG Styler boasts of many impressive and modern features, including the ability to refresh, deodorise, reduce wrinkles and allergens, vanquish odours and reduce allergens with steam.

Upgrade your laundry room with the Styler®. Refresh clothes between washes. Reduce odours and feel at ease by minimising allergens with the power of steam,’ LG’s website boasts.

‘The Styler® uses the power of steam to gently refresh, deodorise and reduce wrinkles from clothing. Have an item that can’t go in the wash? Remove odours using a sanitisation or refresh cycle.’

It also comes with the added convenience of remote connectivity, through the ThinQ app, where owners can start or monitor the styler away from the home.

The styler operates mostly with the use of steam and an oscillating hanger that rotates the clothes inside for an even distribution of hot air. The power of the steam is said to reduce wrinkles and removes allergens, such as dust mites and bacteria.

Additionally, owners who are concerned about the steam pressure removing their pant creases can be assured knowing there is a special door compartment dedicated to maintaining their shape without isolating other functions of the styler.

The stylers ‘Gentle Dry’ function using low heat to dry the clothing, which is said to reduce the likelihood of fabric shrinkage and creases.

But the capacity of the LG Styler isn’t quite as impressive as Samsung’s AirDresser – it is only able to host three items and one pair of pants at this point in time.

LG’s STYLER Steam Clothing Care System offers several different cycles, including a refreshing cycle, sanitary cycle, drying cycle and special cycle. Additionally, owners can use a download cycle, which hosts up to four stored cycles.

The LG STYLER Steam Clothing Care System can be purchased from LG’s official website or at Harvey Norman for the retail price of $3,299.

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