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LG Partners With Volkswagen For Push Into SmartCars

LG has announced plans to work with Volkswagen to develop a “next-generation connected car service platform.”

The partnership will see the two companies pool their resources over the next few years to develop tech uniting that car platform with LG’s Smart Home devices.

“We think LG’s expertise in smart technology together with Volkswagen’s leadership in the automotive sector will revolutionise the way drivers interact with their vehicles,” said LG’s Richard Choi.

The statement released by Volkswagen also raised the development of a context-sensitive notification centre that can deliver messages and recommendations to drivers “in an intuitive and safe manner” as another end-goal for the move. 

The announcement builds on LG’s previous interest in the sector and is one of several recent partnerships between the auto and electronics industries.

The company joined Google’s Open Automotive Alliance in late-2014.