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Samsung Introduces UFS Memory Cards For DSLRs, 3D VR, Action Cams And Drones

Samsung has introduced what it states are the industry’s first removable memory cards based on the JEDEC Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 1.0 Card Extension Standard, designed for use in high-resolution mobile shooting devices.

The UFS cards come in storage capacities including 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB, and are designed for use in devices such as DSLRs, 3D VR cameras, action cams and drones.


Samsung states of its UFS card that it “will provide greatly improved user experiences, especially in high-resolution 3D gaming and high-resolution movie playback”, providing more than five times faster sequential read performance compared to that of a typical microSD card, reading sequentially at 530 MB/s.

A 5 GB full-HD movie can be read in approximately 10 seconds, which Samsung states compares to a typical UHS-1 microSD card, which would take over 50 seconds with 95 MB/s of sequential reading speed.

The UFS card delivers a random read rate of 40,000 IOPS (input/output operations per second), which Samsung states compares to approximately 1,800 IOPS offered by a typical microSD card.

Samsung states that, in terms of writing, the UFS card processes 35,000 random IOPS, 350 times higher than the 100 IOPs of a typical microSD card, providing 170 MB/s sequential write speed, almost doubling the top-end microSD card speed.

“With these substantial performance improvements, the new 256 GB UFS card significantly reduces multimedia data downloading time, photo thumbnail loading time and buffer clearing time in burst shooting mode, which, collectively, can be particularly beneficial to DSLR camera users,” Samsung states.

“To shoot 24 large/extra fine JPEG photographs (1,120 megabyte (MB)-equivalent) continuously with a high-end DSLR camera, the 256 GB UFS card takes less than seven seconds, compared to a UHS-1 microSD card which typically takes about 32 seconds, at 35 MB/s.”

Samsung has yet to provide pricing and availability details for the new cards.


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