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LG Just Released Their $115,000 Rollable TV In The US

If you have an extra $115,000 to spend in your home entertainment budget, why not splash out on LG’s new Signature R OLED television, which is now available to buy direct from LG’s American website.

As LG puts it: “This groundbreaking technology not only reimagines what a TV is capable of, it revolutionises the way you use your space.”

Having a television that disappears into the ground is certainly a space saver (although, how much space does a flat TV actually occupy?), but the hefty price tag will have to deliver more than ergonomics – and as the below video explains, it does.

The television has been on sale in South Korea since last year, for 100 million won, which translates to AUD$114,837. The American LG site doesn’t yet list a price, instead asking potential customers to ‘inquire to buy’.

LG have yet to announce Australian pricing and availability.


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