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LG Introduce Mosquitio Repelling TV

LG Electronics is introducing a TV that repels mosquitoes by using ultrasonic waves.

No, this is not some late April Fools story, LG is actually going ahead with a TV called ‘LG Mosquito Away TV’.

At this stage it’s not known whether the TV will make it to Australia but it is being sold in India and Africa.

According to LG Executives their Mosquito Away TV repels mosquitoes without using any separate products or maintenance devices.

A female mosquito, which sucks blood from humans, avoids male mosquitoes when it is about lay eggs in summer.

A female mosquito does not approach when ultrasonic waves that a male mosquito emits are produced in a living room claims LG.

“LG Electronics has been developing products that are necessary through continuous research.” said a representative for LG Electronics. “TVs are now tools that can protect a families’ health.”

LG said that they have developed a “soccer TV” for the South American market.

How this TV works is that the colour Green is emphasized so that people can feel soccer fields vividly through ‘Arena Mode’ and sense of realism is provided through surround sound effect.

If ‘Time Machine’ function is used, a soccer match is automatically recorded at a certain time even if one is watching a different program.

How about a Blue TV so that NSW can be motivated to win State Of Origin.

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