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Apple Ditches iOS for MacOS Sierra

Struggling to hold onto share in the PC market Apple has decided to ditch their now famous iOS operating system name in favour of a new name called MacOS Sierra.

Apple’s Mac operating system has been called OS X for the last 15 years. Later this year, all things Apple including their iPhone, watch, iPads and Apple TV that has also got it’s own upgrade will be powered by MacOS Sierra.

Apple is also introducing their Voice Recognition software Siri for Mac PC’s.

Siri will be an app users can pull up on a Mac, and the voice assistant will be able to search the web and answer all the same questions you can throw at it on your iPhone or iPad.

But it’ll have some Mac-specific features, too: You’ll be able ask Siri to “show the files I used last week for the off site” and follow those up with contextual queries like “just the files Ken sent me.”

MacOS will also introduce an auto unlock feature that will let you tap on your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac. It’s a workaround since, unlike many Windows 10 machines, Macs don’t have a built-in fingerprint reader or camera-based facial recognition. You won’t be able to use an iPhone to unlock the Mac, either.

The iCloud Drive now automatically can cache files that are on a Mac desktop, and give you access to them on other Macs and even on an iPhone or iPad. To free up space, the Mac can automatically shift old files to iCloud. And if you don’t want them at all, there’s a new smart interface for clearing out lots of data that isn’t easy to delete manually.

Apple Pay will now be used on Macs to shop online, with a “Pay with Apple Pay” button appearing on websites. If a site has such a button, you’ll have to authenticate purchases with TouchID on your iPhone. Another “continuity” feature is the universal clipboard: If you copy text or images on your phone, you can paste it right in on the Mac, or vice versa.

Mac OS Sierra will be available to developers Monday, with a public beta in July. Apple will release a finished version to the public this fall.

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