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LG Innotek Ramps Up Wireless Charging Speeds

LG Innotek is ramping up wireless charging speeds, unveiling a new 15 W transmission module, with mass production slated to commence this year.

LG Innotek states that the module supplies the power to charge a fully discharged battery to up to 50 per cent within half an hour, sporting a charging speed three times faster than existing 5 W modules.

The module has been developed for smartphone wireless power chargers with a performance equivalent to wired chargers, LG Innotek states, with it being “compatible with diverse charger specifications”.

In terms of compatibility, LG Innotek states that it can be used on the majority of commercial smartphones that support wireless power chargers, following the standards of both the Wireless Power Consortium and AirFuel Alliance.

As well as wireless chargers used in the home or office, it can be used with those installed in vehicles, with LG Innotek noting the market, formed around homes and offices, will expand to automobiles and public places.

“The development of the 15 W wireless charging module is a success achieved through our active response to the needs of the customers and changes in the market,” Gil-Sang Park, LG Innotek Automotive Components and Electronics laboratory head, commented.

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