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Lenovo “Confident” of PC Restart

CEO of the worlds largest PC maker is “confident PC market will improve” as customers no longer see tablet as PC replacement

The proclamation came as Lenovo announced record sales, profits soaring 36% for Q2, yesterday. 

According to investor presentation released yesterday, Lenovo has almost 18% share of the PC market, globally, up 2.1 points yea-on-year, outrunning rivals HP, Dell. 
According to analysts IDC, Lenovo tethered ahead of HP marginally in the second quarter (Q2), shipping 12,6m PC’s V’s HP’s 12,3m. Lenovo claiming leadership in China, Japan, Brazil, Germany and Russia PC markets, and reached double digit share in US.  
Lenovo CEO Yuanquin Yang also believe customers “no longer see tablet as PC replacement”, meaning the market is ripe for growth, citing opportunity multimode portfolio including Yoga, Horizon, Helix devices. 


Yang is “confident” the ailing global PC market will improve including commercial demand, and its massive China market, vowing to protect is PC share in China and other regions. 
Lenovo tablet demand soared 421% in Q2, with the fastest growth in mainstream/entry models, and emerging markets.
Having Aston Kutcher launching the flexible Yoga tablet with 18 hr battery life is also bound to have helped its tablet profile. 

It also has big global plans to rollout its popular tablets including Yogapad further, globally. 

77% of Lenovo’s tab sales were outside China. 
JB HiFi has just started selling its Yoga (Android) tablet – the first retailer in Oz , and is expecting “big things” from it pre-Christmas, Marketing Manager, Scott Browning told CN this month.