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Samsung Smart Kitchen Hits Bing Lee

Samsung Smart Kitchen Hits Bing Lee Samsung Retail Experience hits Bing Lee with the launch of a major installation at Rhodes Shopping Centre demoing its Home Appliance in a kitchen type environment. 

The Samsung Experience has navibots, smart washing machines and refrigerators, all together. 

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The 90 square metre home-inspired showroom showcases all Samsung appliances working together, and allows consumers to interact with the products. 

Shoppers can also enjoy a coffee at the new Samsung retail experience, the first of its kind for Samsung appliances in Australia. 

All appliances on show are plumbed and connected, showing shoppers how smart appliances work with smartphone apps and internet connectivity. 
The retail stand will also have a Samsung expert to provide specialised advice during peak trading hours. There’s also point- of-sale displays showing specs which you can SMS to yourself and browse info. 

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 “We know that a great trial experience is a key reason that can drive consumers to trade up or purchase a new appliance,” says Philip Newton, Vice President of Consumer Electronics, Samsung.  

“The creation of this retail stand allows us to evolve the Samsung shopping experience by providing an engaging environment for people to experience our products.”
“We have spent significant time listening to consumers and researching how we can best connect with shoppers in a retail environment”.

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