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Less Than 1% Of Netflix Subscribers Play Games

Netflix has been bullish about its push into gaming, hiring the ex-EA Mobile boss, and launching a number of mobile games.

But of its 221-million strong subscriber base, less than 1 per cent are playing these games regularly.

This is according to app analytics company Apptopia, who found that only 1.7 million subscribers are playing these games daily. Netflix’s entire catalogue of games has only seen 23.3 million downloads.

Netlfix Games launched in November 2021 with two Stranger Things mobile games, in a bid to diversify a company that was shedding subscribers by the millions.

The company is aiming to have launched fifty titles by the end of 2022, including games based on The Queen’s Gambit and Shadow and Bone.

Netflix recently acquired indie game studios Boss Fight, Next Games and Night School Studio to help them along. Next Games worked with Netflix on the original Stranger Things mobile game, as well as a Walking Dead game.

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