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Lenovo Tipped to Take On Amazon Kindle

Lenovo has invested millions of dollars into ePaper company CLEARink, who specialises in displays which are readable in sunlight, suggesting Lenovo may be taking on Amazon Kindle with their own eReader.

Lenovo’s latest tablet — Smart Tab revealed at CES 2019 integrated with Amazon Alexa — featured a Full High Definition (FHD) LCD display, CLEARink lauds their screens as superior to LCD and OLED as they are readable in the sun.

This latest venture indicates that Lenovo may be working on a future tablet with all the functionalities of this latest Smart Tab, but with the readability of Amazon Kindle eReader.

Display Daily stated that the two companies have begun developing the next generation of tablet devices.

“We mainly invest in core technologies, and smart internet is our focus area, which is why we have invested in CLEARink to revolutionise the way information is consumed,” said George He, Head of Lenovo Capital and SVP at Lenovo.

“This solution will not only enhance the reading experience in settings where LCDs are not a good fit, it will also have eye health benefits and have a lasting impact on the environment by saving millions of trees every single year.”

CLEARink is developing colour and video capable ePaper 2.0 displays aimed at various market applications including education, fitness (wearable devices), signage, automotive, and more.

“When one of the world’s largest providers of tablet solutions endorses our technology by providing us both capital as well as a channel to bring our products to market, it is a huge impetus for our team to deliver a revolutionary display product,” said Frank Christiaens, CEO & Chairman, CLEARink Displays.

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