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Lenovo & Panasonic Team Up For All-In-One Video Surveillance Solution

Lenovo and Panasonic have announced a new commercial partnership that will see the production of an ‘all-in-one’ network video recorder that aims to simplify security set-up and reduce costs for customers.

The Australian-led collaboration will combine Panasonic’s software and security camera range with a pre-programmed, out-of-the-box recording solution built by Panasonic and housed in Lenovo hardware.

The Panasonic i-PRO VIX solution integrates Lenovo hardware to deliver a tower-based video network recorder ideal for most small to mid-market surveillance installations.

The preloaded, activated and tested system offers the connection of up to 16 VIX16 i-Pro cameras or up to 32 VIX32 VIX32 i-Pro cameras.

“This innovative collaboration in the security category allows us to bring a full-service package to our customers, leveraging world-class capabilities delivered by both companies to provide an incredible offering to the market. Powered by Lenovo OEM, this partnership helps deliver on Lenovo’s mission, Smarter Technology For All, and for that, we’re proud,” said Shara Gerhardt, Business Development Manager, OEM, Lenovo ANZ.

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