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Klipsch S4i Headphones: A Tough Mudder

The new Image S4i Rugged Headphones have tough rubber mouldings and an all-weather design to protect your sound from Mother Nature’s temper. 
The colourful  Klipsch in-ears have extra-large 3-button remote that lets you control music, or take calls even when wearing bulky gloves. 
The exterior is built tough. These in-ears boast Klipsch’s famous patented oval ear tips ensuring comfort, with zero sound leakage. 
Unlike circular-shaped ear tips that put stress on the pressure points inside the ear, Klipsch’s patented oval ear tips naturally fit the contours of the ear canal, providing comfortable long-term wear. 
These ear tips additionally offer superior noise isolation (or passive noise-cancellation), blocking out almost all ambient noise, while still producing excellent bass. You can rock to the Klipsch Image S4i Rugged earbuds in yellow, orange, blue or red.
“Whether rock climbing or dirt biking, there’s no question one’s music library enhances the experience,” said Chris Aiello, Klipsch USA product manager for headphones. 
“With the Image S4i Rugged, we intend to offer the most extreme outdoor enthusiasts the acclaimed audio they too deserve, while also allowing them elements of personal style and, most important, durability.”
Offering identical award-winning acoustics as the Image S4, the S4i Rugged is equipped with an 8.5mm dual magnet micro-speaker. 
This advanced audio technology covers a wide frequency range, while delivering dynamic detail for strikingly realistic sound reproductions. 

The Image S4i Rugged’s audio work with virtually any device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack; however, the microphone and three-button remote support select Apple products.
The hardy headphones come in red, orange, yellow and blue, with a $149 pricetag.
 Included are four different-sized oval ear tips, a nylon zipper case, clothing clip and two-year warranty.