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CEDIA OZ Struggles To Survive Call For Change

CEDIA OZ Struggles To Survive Call For Change

During the past 12 months, several organisations have not renewed their subscription to CEDIA, whilst exiting the organisation are former General Manager Stephen Miller amd Lauren Tuckwell the former Operations Manager at CEDIA.

At the recent CEDIA Show which was run in conjunction with the Pro AV Show Integrate, several vendors and distributors failed to exhibit.

Current Chairman of CEDIA Australia Len Wallis admits there are problems.

“I am off to the USA this week. I will meet with CEDIA management to discuss the situation in Australia as well as propose several changes to how the organisation is run.”

Wallis admits that CEDIA has to move closer to the Pro AV market. “Several of our members are now doing commercial AV work and I do believe that we need to expand our services to the Pro AV installer”.

The CEO of a major distribution Company and a long time CEDIA member said “CEDIA is fast becoming irrelevant. The recent CEDIA show in Sydney was not good for CEDIA or its members. The whole organisation has to change. They need to deliver training courses for the Pro AV installer and they also need to change the attitude of management towards Pro AV Companies. The us and them attitude has to go”

They added “I believe that the name CEDIA is dead as it relates to a past era. What we need is a progressive organisation that listens to what its members are saying. Half the people who sat on the CEDIA board in the past have either gone into administration, shut up shop or got a new job because they were unable to find a living in the market that CEDA is supposed to serve”.

Geoff Mathews the CEO of Convoy one of Australia’s most successful consumer electronics distributors said “We have not exhibited or been involved with CEDIA for a long time. We have grown our business without them”.

ChannelNews has been told that the organisation is struggling to survive in Australia and that the lack of revenue from subscriptions and falling revenues from trade shows and training will have an impact this year.