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Lebara Mobile Hit With Ad Complaint

Telecom Lebara has had its latest advertising poster pulled by the ABS after a complaint was filed after a complaint alleging it promoted unsafe behavior.

The poster depicted a couple riding a scooter together without helmets, one of whom is standing up.

Lebara has defended the ad, saying it was only intended to “convey to customers the freedom of having a large amount of data (5GB), unlimited national talk, text and MMS”.

The company claim that the image of the couple “was taken overseas and conveys a couple perhaps on holidays, outside of Australia, where motorcycle laws are more relaxed”.

However, this rationale failed to satisfy the Advertising Standards Bureau.

The regular noted in their ruling that “there is a strong suggestion that the bike is not parked but is in the process of being used” and that “that the provisions of the Australian Road Rules are very clear that even if a motor bike is stationary, a helmet must be worn by both the driver and any passenger”.

Lebara says it is now  “in the process of finalising new advertising to replace the existing advertisements.”

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