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Leaked: Premium Google ‘Pixelbook’ With Stylus Support

Recent leaks reveal that Google may be bringing back its Chromebook Pixel, under the name ‘Pixelbook’.

The device is tipped to be premium and high-end (like the original Pixel), however, will also include stylus support, and the ability to be flipped and function as though a tablet.

Source: Droid Life

Despite the premium nature of the device, word is Google’s Pixelbook won’t include a stylus. The accompanying ‘Pixelbook Pen’ is suggested to retail for US$99.

Reports state the Pixelbook will come in silver only.

Leaked images reveal a block-based design with large keys, large trackpad and what some analysts have speculated to be a glass-covered palm rest. Reports affirm that Google is keeping the tall 3:2 screen aspect ratio.

The device is also said to offer three different storage capacities: 128GB (US$1199), 256GB (US$1399) and 512GB (US$1749).

The suggested pricing for the Pixelbook is notably high, especially as the current high-end Chromebook retails for US$600.

With this pricing, the new device could be positioned in the same price category as Apple’s Macs.

Word is, Google will unveil the Pixelbook alongside its new Pixel smartphones at its October 4th event.

[Leaked Images: Droid Life]

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