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Leaked: Google Pixel 5 Renders

[Image credit: Pigtou]

New leaks claim to reveal the Google Pixel 5 ahead of its launch later this year, despite the continued delay of the Pixel 4a.

The news follows the absence of the Pixel 4a, which has reportedly been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

New leaked CAD renders reflect a phone which closely resembles former leaks for the Pixel 4a, offering a dual-camera set-up and fingerprint scanner for the suspected Pixel 5.

It contrasts the focus on facial recognition apparent in the Pixel 4.

Previous leaks for the Pixel 5 XL reflect a triple rear camera set-up.

Due to the delay of the Pixel 4a, some commentators suspect the launch of the Pixel 5 could be pushed back even further, potentially into late 2020.

[Image: Pigtou]

Consumers will have to wait and see the legitimacy of the Pixel 5 leaks, with more expected to land closer to its suspected launch later this year.

Some sources suggest the Pixel 5 may even ship with a mid-range chipset.

The news comes after Google confirmed it was discontinuing the Pixel 3, no longer selling it from its online store, and with limited qualities available from retail partners.

[Image: Pigtou]

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