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New Laser Powerbank Range Made For International Travel

LASER, an Australian electronics company, has manufactured an Aussie industry-first range of powerbanks, specifically suited to tightening international airport security laws.

LASER’s newest range of powerbanks has an effective, yet minor, tweak which involves labelling the product in watt-hours rather than milliampere (mAh).

The change is intended to meet the needs of Australian travellers venturing overseas, exposed to a range of varying airport security restrictions surrounding acceptable consumer technology onboard aircraft.

This shift to labelling and packaging should assist consumers to determine what can or can’t be taken on board flights, and therefore risk confiscation at security.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority states the acceptable limit is under 101-watt-hours, and that the majority of power phones, powerbanks, laptops and cameras often fail this.


Chris Lau, LASER’s Managing Director states:

“Airlines including Qantas, Virgin and Cathay Pacific have recently added specific details around power banks and spare batteries, which states that passengers cannot carry on items that exceed 101 watt-hours of power. These airlines can start enforcing these policies whenever they so choose, which seems more and more likely given the many consumers who have given us feedback from their own travel experiences around the world,” said Chris Lau, Managing Director of LASER”.

“As many Australian power banks are marketed by milliampere hours (mAh), it’s our goal to educate consumers on these new regulations to avoid the disappointment of having to part with your devices and power banks at security”.

The industry-first powerbank comes following strong sales for the company within the category, reportedly selling over 1.1 million powerbanks within the last year.

LASER is currently sold through its website online and at a variety of approved distributors inclusive of Big W & Harvey Norman.

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