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Motorola Test Shatter-Proof Display, World’s Largest Phone Drop

Nearly a month ago Motorola unveiled its newest 2017 flagship phone the Z2 Force.

With it came a ‘shatter-proof display’. Whilst shatter-proof display has been featured on other Motorola phones, it has thus far not appeared in the Moto Z line.

Motorola decided to showcase the effectiveness of its shatter-proof display, releasing a video heralded the ‘World’s Largest Phone Drop’.

More than 100 Moto employees in Chicago dropped their phones from around shoulder height and then showed off their unbroken display.

Titled the ShatterShield by Motorola the design features multi layers and uses a plastic OLED, rather than a glass OLED.

The design is claimed to survive falls five feet or less, without breaking or cracking.

Some users state that by using a plastic outer layer, their phone is more prone to scratches, however, this can be replaced for a small fee. This may be a suitable option for users who find themselves frequently dropping their phones.

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