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Samsung One-Ups Sony + LG With 85 Inch UHD TV

In Australia Samsung dominates the television market, and yet they trail Sony and LG in UHD. Fortunately the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is just the platform the company needs to argue why their first UHD products are the better choice.

And their new 85 inch S9 TV says a lot.

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It’s an Ultra High Definition (3,840-by-2,160) television equipped with the company’s Precision Black Pro technology, a 120 watt 2.2 channel audio system and software capable of displaying HD and Full HD content in near UHD clarity.

Samsung’s voice and gesture control are also present, and somewhere inside the S9’s slim body is a powerful quad core processor. This is all good, but we’re struggling to get past its stand.

In their press release, Samsung claims “the Timeless Gallery design of the S9 raises the standards of luxury television design. The TV appears to be floating within its frame and showcases the juxtaposition of a minimalist concept with such a large display.”

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The best thing we could say about the frame is it’s ahead of its time. When that ‘time’ is, we don’t quite know as Samsung hasn’t yet release pricing nor availability details.

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On the plus side, Samsung has confirmed they will unveil the world’s largest UHD television at 110 inches during their CES stint. Stay tuned.