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iGware: Acer $320M Giant Cloud Leap As Predicts PC Sales ‘Will Recover’

The company, which is to be renamed “Acer Cloud Technology Co” will offer cloud services on all new Acer tabs and smartphones, and build on open platforms including Microsoft and Google Android, Acer Chairman J.T. Wang said on Thursday. 

 The deal, worth US$320 million, includes cash and share swaps, according to Taipei Times. US owned iGware’s customers include Nintendo, providing its network users cloud computing services. 
 The purchase means Acer will be able to compete with the likes of Apple iCloud, as the giant looks to revitalise its business after some recent knocks, saying it hopes to return to profitability in the third quarter, and believes PC sales “will recover”. 
Analysts forecast the giant could make losses of US$43.6 million in Q2. 
 “Acer’s operation is stabilizing after restructuring programs and a drastic inventory write-off in the second quarter, which will cause some losses,” Wang told media at the company’s Xizhi headquarters in New Taipei City. 
 “We believe Acer will return to profitability in the third quarter and the fourth quarter will be even better. We have a good chance to eke out a profit for the full year,” he said. 
 Last month, it slashed tablet sales forecasts in half and said notebook shipments could slump as much as 10%. 
 Acer also gave hints about forthcoming plans: 
 “We are positive about the third and the fourth quarters and PC sales will recover gradually … We plan to launch the world’s first 7-inch tablet device powered by the latest Android 3.2 version soon.” 
 The Iconia maker will also launch Ultrabooks, “high-end models with retail prices as high as US$1,000 each” in Q4. 
“We do not see consumers buying fewer Acer products. The sell-in and sell-out look quite good,” he added. 

 Its share price in the Tapei exchange rose 1.57% following the announcement.