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Is This How You Control Sony’s PS4?

Sony’s mysterious PlayStation event is nearing—just two days now—and although details of the new console remain sketchy, corroborating images of what appears to be a new PlayStation controller have surfaced.

Destructoid’s leaked PS4 controller

It’s a case of evolution and not revolution, with the biggest change being made to the start and select keys—they’re gone. In their place appears to be a touchpad, which would see users navigate the Internet from their PlayStation in a similar fashion to a notebook’s trackpad.

Beneath the touchpad is a grille, presumably housing a microphone you can use to chat with other online gamers. At the base of the controller is a 3.5mm headphone port. Okay, so this isn’t revolutionary, but it makes a lot more sense plugging your headphones into your remote than having them shackle you to the metre away TV.

Glowing atop the remote is a blue light. It’s not known what its purpose is; however, Pocket-lint suggests there’s a little PlayStation Move to the blue light, its glow bringing to mind Sony’s motion controller.

Sony’s PS3 controller largely inherited the design language of the PS2. They shared the same shape and configuration, mainly differing in the PS3’s unwired approach to gaming. However, this new controller has a thicker bridge connecting the two joysticks and comes off bloated in the same way Microsoft’s Xbox does.

Image leaked on the GameTraders Forum

Although the technologies are likely to stay the same, it is possible the body of these controllers could be a decoy. We’ll know more when Sony’s February 20 launch event takes place.