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It’s War, Siri: “Accurate” Google Voice iOS Assault

Android maker Google has released its  “most advanced voice search” app for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – its arch rivals in the tech industry, despite Google Maps getting the boot by Cupertino on iOS 6.

The “fast and accurate” app (version 2.5) lets you voice search for answers to any question via Google search results – meaning more correct answers, unlike Siri who has some hilariously wrong answers.

“When you have a question, finding the answer should be effortless” says Kenneth Bongort, Engineer, Google Search, in blog yesterday.

Bongort says Google has “fast and accurate voice recognition technology [which] enables Google to understand exactly what you’re saying” with “an understanding of people, places and things in the real world.”

Hey, it will even get you a trailer of the upcoming James Bond movie Skyfall or list the entire cast of Boardwalk Empire.

Or if you want to know when does daylight savings time end, the answer will appear above the search results, and you can set your clock on your computing device automatically, Bongort added.

Siri, Apple’s in-house search tool, is a mixed bag and a recent faux pas included saying Hurricane Sandy was a NHL hockey team (rather than the devastating weather event it really was) , pointed out on tech guru Dan’s blog this week.

Here’s Siri answer to Hurrican Sandy: Image: Dan Nguyen

Google search is generally hailed as superior tool with far greater accuracy based on its web results.

Google correct interpretation of Sandy. Image: Dan Nguyen

And Nguyen agrees, saying: “Google search app is executed far more beautifully than Siri”. 

The Google Search app has already got several five star user reviews and here’s what one punter had to say:


“Pretty impressed by voice recognition. It is fast and very accurate. And, when the app reads back answers, they sounds better and more pleasant than Siri on my iPhone 5.

“Also, love the way voice recognition displays the results of your voice analysis as you are speaking. That is something that Siri could desperately use to make it better.”