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Hands Off My Digits

Hands Off My DigitsMoshi have made gloves especially to use with touchscreen phones and tablets, called Digits.

‘Digits’ are dual-layered winter gloves with special conductive fibers in each fingertip for accurate gestures, typing, and are designed for use on all touchscreen smartphones and tablets. 

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Moshi Digits features a unique GripTrak pattern on the inside of each glove and promises a slip-free grip for right and left-handed users. 

They are made of soft microfleece inner lining and are hand-washable.
Digits come in Light Grey for the Small-Medium size and Dark Grey for the larger size gloves, for RRP $39.99
They are on sale at Beezer; My Mac; The Stylus Company. 
Digits Australian distributor is MacGear.