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Kuo: New iPhone Pre-Orders Beat 2019 Despite COVID

Renowned Apple commentator, Ming-Chi Kuo, claims launch weekend pre-orders of the new iPhone 12 stable exceeded those of the iPhone 11 range in 2019, despite the impact of the coronavirus crisis.

Kuo estimates Apple notched between 7 million – 9 million iPhone 12 series pre-orders over opening weekend (iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro), with volume expected to lift in November following the Max and mini variant.

Disclosed in a note to investors, Kuo reportedly advised that pre-orders for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro nearly matched that of the entire iPhone 11 line-up in 2019.

“The iPhone 12 Pro pre-order beat our expectation because of Apple core fans’ initial preference for high-end models, the strong demand in the Chinese market, and the coming peak season demand in the U.S. and Europe,” wrote Mr Kuo.

The Cupertino is tipped to have sold 10 million – 12 million iPhone 11 handsets during launch weekend last year.

Sales of the two new iPhones reportedly notched 1.7 million – 2 million units within 24 hours, versus the 500,000 – 800,000 hit during the same time last year.

Kuo expects the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro to represent around 30% – 35% of iPhone 12 series shipments during Q4.

It contrasts previous sentiment that the iPhone 12 mini would be amongst the best sellers, with the handset critiqued for a lack of dual SIM support and its smaller display screen – particularly amongst Chinese customers.

“The reasons for the strong pre-order demand in China include 1) demand transfer of the high-end model due to Huawei ban, and 2) more popular 5G infrastructure to benefit the marketing and promotion,” adds Kuo.

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