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Klipsch Restructures New Premium Audio Company Announced

Klipsch has announced a major restructuring with the introduction of a new business operation called Premium Audio Company.

In Australia sales of Klipsch branded products has grown significantly after Melbourne based distributor Qualifi took over the brand from the struggling Adelaide based distributor Powermove.

a strategic restructuring and expansion plan designed to meet and exceed global consumer demand with a streamlined and focused portfolio of tech-driven premium audio solutions. According to the company, the move positions the company to offer a vast, complete audio and electronic assortment, while continuing to deliver world-class service to its channel partners and consumers alike.

Effective immediately, the Klipsch Group, Jamo, Energy, and ProMedia speaker as well as their associated brands will be structurally aligned under the newly formed Premium Audio Company.

In some markets the entities will sell Onkyo, Pioneer, Pioneer Elite, and Integra brands, as well as the Magnat and Heco brands.

Magnat and Heco loudspeakers, are two leading German speaker brands and at this stage it’s not known whether these brands will be launched in Australia

Paul Jacobs will president and CEO of the Premium Audio Company, LLC subsidiary.

“Klipsch remains our flagship brand within our premium audio portfolio and we are expecting significant growth this year with new products coming to market and our expanded distribution,” says Jacobs. “We will also be bringing to the Americas some of our international brands, while offering our customers and consumers a much wider assortment of high-end premium audio products. We look forward to the coming year and building our business through innovation.”

Back in July Klipsch and Onkyo & Pioneer Corporation expanded its alliance to include the distribution of Onkyo, Pioneer, Pioneer Elite, and the Integra brands in the USA.

Distribution will run through a newly created subsidiary, 11 Trading Company, and will include products ranging from AV receivers to HiFi equipment, mini systems, smart speakers, turntables, soundbars, home theatre systems, optical disc players and more, broadening the Company’s portfolio to include a diverse mix of audio products. Onkyo and Pioneer Corporation will continue to distribute Klipsch-branded products in Japan.

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